Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

 We have had a wonderful partnership in ministry this year and we are thankful for all of our family and friends that have stood with us through prayer and support during this year. We could not possibly do this ministry without each one of you and we take this opportunity every year to say "thank you"at Christmas time.

This year we visited several of our fields including those in Africa and Mexico. We made numerous visits to missionaries serving with WGM and worked in countless hours of counsel and pastoral related ministry. God was faithful to go before us each step of the way and you were part of that ministry.

In February of this year, Marlene lost her mother, the fourth immediate family member to pass away in the past two plus years. We are grateful for the body of Christ reaching out to us during this time. We were able to have some vacation time to Lake Michigan with our family and some time over the summer to replenish our own souls.

We are excited to announce that in April we will be grandparents for the very first time. Jessica and Zac are expecting their baby girl April 10. Needless to say, we are beyond excited about being grandparents for the first time. Joshua is working for Speedway Corp. in the Central Ohio area and lives in Lancaster, OH. Jordan will graduate form Indiana Wesleyan University on Dec. 19 and plans to work for a new company in downtown Indy following the holiday season. We are thankful for our family and grateful for God's blessings in our lives and for your love and support for each one of us.

Our family plans to celebrate the holidays at our home in Marion, IN for the first time since we moved here four years ago. We will visit Ned's family over in Ohio during the season. The first of the year, our travel plans include gearing up for a missionary retreat in Paraguay, January 16 -25 that we will be conducting with our WGM missionaries. We will host a Renewal time in January for returning missionaries and an Orientation Camp for new missionaries in February. We will be going to McAllen, TX in February to hold a seminar for ministry development with our team of missionaries serving on the Border. We are looking forward to these ministry opportunities so much and we ask an interest in your prayers. If you would like to help support us as we go to Paraguay or Texas, please go to our secure web site at and make a donation today.

Your continued support and prayers are appreciated. From our family to yours we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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