Thursday, February 13, 2014

World Winds

Sometimes it feels like the Winds of this World are tossing us to and fro but I am so thankful that during those times we can set the sail just so that the winds are harnessed to move us in the direction that God is leading.

We have sensed the World Winds of God blowing in fresh and new ways as we have been serving as missionaries with World Gospel Mission. We have had some time to focus on planning and preparation for the ministry that God has for us in this new year 2014 and we are excited to serve Him wherever He may lead us and to whomever He may put in our path. Missionary work is intense at times, but so rewarding and as a pastor friend doing this same type of work often has said, "We have the best job in the whole world!" I truly believe that God has honored us and led us to WGM to serve His choice servants in these challenging times. God is at work and He is Breathing His message to the World with increasing intensity.

As we have shared in various mission services in churches in many states, we are reminded 0f the scripture in Acts 2:17 -18, "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Sprit in those days." Recently I read the Wycliffe Bible Translator's Annual Report and was encouraged to learn that more people have more access to Scripture today than in any previous time in history! Wow! Of the 6 billion plus people on the earth, an estimated 209 million people are waiting for  the Gospel in their language. Probably the most striking statistic that the President of WBT's gave in the report was that, "it is estimated by the year 2025, it is possible for the Gospel to be available to every tribe and every tongue and every nation." That is an intensity that we all can be excited about.

God is at work and He is Breathing His message to the World where people are most open to receive it. Just as the Great Commission in Matthew 28: 18 -19 reminds us, God is in the business of changing lives for eternity and in that transformation, new life and hope and peace changes lives in the here and now. We have witnessed this first hand as we have travel to various WGM mission fields and have seen how food, water, education, health care, and so much more is being done in Jesus Name - and lives are being improved and helped in marvelous ways.

God is at work and He is Breathing His message to the World with maximum harvest in mind. The Great Commission is too big for anyone to accomplish alone and too important not to try to do together. We need each other in reaching the maximum harvest. The Gospel is being shared through missionaries that have been willing to GO! We have the unique opportunity to pray, counsel, support and minister to missionaries serving around the world. Will you PRAY with us! As we give of ourselves to them in ministry, we are mindful that as you GIVE - lives are touched through our ministry. Thank you for being willing to partner with us in this cause. We have a wonderful ministry as we partner together.

We ask an interest in your prayers. In the coming weeks have some amazing opportunities ahead in our lives and we thank you for your support. Pray for us as we teach, travel, minister, preach, counsel and enjoy the wedding of our daughter Jessica to Zac Hiser.

Here is a prayer calendar you can follow for us in the days ahead.

Feb. 16 - 21 Orientation Camp for 15 new missionaries to be sent out to minister on 3 continents
Mar. 2 - Wedding Shower at Trinity Wesleyan Church , Jackson MI for Jessica and Zac
Mar. 3 - Preaching at Trinity Wesleyan Church, Jackson, MI
Mar. 6 - 9 Traveling to Ohio and Pennsylvania for pastoral visits to missionaries
Mar. 19 - 23 Mansfield, OH for the Wedding of our daughter March 22.
Apr. 1 -15 Ministry and travel to Kenya and Uganda, Africa for ministry to two of our larger fields.

In the months ahead we are making plans to visit Bolivia and Spain to continue our ministry outreach. Thank you in advance for praying for us. And as always please contact us if you have specific prayer requests that we can pray for you about. We appreciate you and your support so much. May God Bless you, real GOOD!

Love and Prayer,
Ned and Marlene McGrady
Missionaries with World Gospel Mission
Box 948
Marion, IN 46953

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