Monday, February 16, 2015

How Do We Care?

One of the things we love about our job is caring for our missionaries. If you followed our blog you would notice that we have traveled a lot around the world making many visits. This month finds us more in the office catching up with missionaries via emails, phone calls and Skype calls. We also are involved in winter training events such as Orientation Camp for 7 new missionaries being sent out to their respective fields of service. We share with them in seminars concerning healthy marriages on the mission field, as well as child safety and protection. We are excited that God continues to call and prepare His servants for international service. This week Marlene will help to process 5 new applicants by doing psychological assessments and assisting them in answering God's call on their lives. We completed a 3 day Renewal with 7 of our returning missionaries as we spent time debrief and hearing their stories of their last term on the field. We have also had opportunity to speak in some local churches. We had a wonderful day at our home church Trinity Wesleyan in Jackson, Michigan on Feb. 8. We are so very thankful for great churches like this that stand with us to make this ministry possible. This Sunday we get to share at our church here in Marion, Lakeview Wesleyan Church during the Sunday School and worship services. We look forward to updating them about our ministry. We will be speaking at Christian Fellowship Center in Jackson, Michigan on March 15. And to these great churches as well as individuals like you, that we want to say "thank you." Thank you for helping us minister to missionaries around the world.

"Stationed locally, Serving Globally"

Ned and Marlene McGrady
World Gospel Mission
Box 948
Marion, IN 46952

Also we wanted to give you an update from Jordan's Corner - Many of you have responded with gifts toward his trip to Spain with Indiana Wesleyan University during May term this year. We thank you very much for supporting him in this mission/educational experience. He has reached just over 1/2 of his needed funding for this trip and we appreciate your gifts. Thank you to the many churches and individuals that have given. We thank you from our hearts.