Saturday, August 16, 2014

God's Faithfulness

We are mindful of God's faithfulness to us, as we have returned home to Indiana from our vast travel schedule over these past three weeks. We are mindful of the faithfulness of God to answer our prayers and provide for our needs. We are mindful of the faithfulness of God to lead us each step of this journey to give us just what we needed when we needed it each step of the way. We are mindful of the faithfulness of God through using each one of you to be a champion of this ministry. We are mindful, we are grateful, we are thankful.

So many of you let us know that you were praying for us and we want you to know that we felt those prayers as we traveled many miles in the air as well as on the roads. Your prayers were felt as we completed the Child Protection Training Conference in Colorado - much was learned to help World Gospel Mission continue to keep our children protected and safe within the mission and around the world. Your prayers were felt as we traveled from Colorado to Kansas to pick up the electronics and medical supplies that needed to be taken to Nigeria. With each computer, ipad, iPhone, and bottle of medicine that went into the suitcase your prayers were felt. On Aug. 1 we flew from Kansas City Airport to Lagos, Nigeria, arriving safely on Aug. 2, knowing your prayers were with us.

Our WGM missionaries, Shelley Chapman and Jennifer Bennett, have felt your prayers, since the July 17 incident when their living area was broken into by 4 Nigerian men who robbed and threatened their lives at gun point. While injuries were sustained, none were life threatening and we were interested to help them deal with the emotional and spiritual healing that was needed from this traumatic event. From the moment we arrived we felt your prayers. Many of you would know, Ned does not usually wear a Clerical Collar, however our missionaries suggested that it may be helpful for us to pass through the customs with less questions being asked. While he is fully ordained and licensed to wear such an outfit, it never was really his style. But with your prayers the custom's agent asked him the question, "Man of God?" and Ned inadvertently answered "si'" in Spanish. So we think that the Priest from Spain (Ned) got clear passage through the customs. We were mindful that all the medical supplies and electronics were allowed in with out question or concern, God's faithfulness in answer to your prayers.

As our time together progressed we were mindful that God granted us both wisdom to be His hands, His feet and His voice to our missionaries and the leadership of the West African Theological Seminary (WATS)  We spent extensive time together in Crisis Incident Stress Debriefing and assisting with emotional and spiritual counseling for all of the leaders there. Truly we felt the hand of God guiding us each and every day as He gave us just what we needed to do each day and helped us to accomplish His purposes. God's faithfulness amazed us. The area of Lagos that we were in reminded us a lot of Haiti. The conditions were very poor and the people there are living in a very needy situation. The WATS Seminary is reaching out to this area. Dr. Shelley Chapman is a professor at the seminary and on the leadership team there. Jennifer Bennett is a Nurse Practitioner and is providing leadership to the clinic.  Both of these missionaries have answered God's call on their lives and feel that He is directing them to continue in their ministries there. Shelley will be continuing her administrative work and teaching with the seminary as Jennifer works closely with the clinic to meet the needs of the seminary students as well as the outreach for medical care to the needy community in which the seminary is located.

You are aware of the Ebola outbreak that has hit in several of the West African Countries. Jennifer requests prayer as she leads the medical team at the clinic to take all of the necessary precautions to further enhance the sanitary conditions to help stave off the spread of the Ebola Virus. You will notice in the picture above that the seminary already has had the students from the most high risk countries not report to the start of classes which was held on Aug. 6. Nigeria is now in the news with many cases of the Ebola being reported. Pray for Jennifer, her medical team and Shelley and the Seminary leaders that God will protect them and give them much wisdom in dealing with these important health issues. WGM continues to monitor the safety and welfare of all of our missionaries and we know that your prayers make a difference as well as your financial giving. Thank you.

We felt your prayers as we arrived back in Kansas City. We were grateful for God's hand of protection over us and around us as we made this long journey. Our ministry continued as we visited with supporters and friends in the States of Nebraska and South Dakota. In South Dakota we were blessed to stay at our friend and champion, Jo's B&B for a couple of days to rest and celebrate our 29th anniversary! Great times of ministry and connection took place as God lead us along this journey. In Lincoln, Nebraska we met a couple while eating breakfast at a hotel that took an interest in our ministry of doing member care for our missionaries. All along the journey God showed us His faithfulness to us in so many ways. We hen traveled on to Denver for our  flight back to Detroit on Aug. 13. We were greeted at the airport by Ethel, one of our champion supporters and great friends. She took us to her home where we got our car to drive back to Marion, IN.

We certainly felt God's faithfulness and we know that He goes through hard places with you; He delights in you: He holds you; He guides you in your steps; He speaks to you and directs you in your path; He doesn't forget you and carves you on the palm of His hand! Isaiah 49:15 -16.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness,

Ned and Marlene McGrady
Directors of Member Health/Pastors to Missionaries
World Gospel Mission
Box 948
Marion, IN 46953


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